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Anyone can learn
a **** of a lot
about you from Google

Try Googling yourself: first name + last name + city + state. We bet you’ll be surprised at how many sites share your very private information Address, phone numbers, email, family relationships, income range, net worth, credit score, home ownership status, political and religious affiliation, your legal records. The list goes on.
Anyone can see it. Data brokers use public records, social media, online and offline purchase information to collect and share your data for profit.

John Doe Lexington Alabama

This is a problem.
Here’s why:

Thomas L., Boston, MA:

My problem is that I want my personal info to be private. I will share what I want with people of my choosing - not the public.

Your life exposed
in public

Privacy is a fundamental right. Feeling outraged seeing your private information on public display is natural; it IS a violation.
We’re here to help.

Shirley T., Tempe, AZ:

I have had people trying to purchase things in my name, got my address and opened up bank accounts on me, was receiving government help off me when I battled cancer (I was denied benefits and that’s when I found out).

Identity theft is costly and takes months to recover from.

1 in 10 Americans have been a victim of identity fraud, often more than once. Recovery takes an average of 6 months. No one should have to experience such lack of control. We are your first line of defence.

Naomi C., Marietta, GA:

I'm on a dating website and I don't want strangers showing up at my door.

There is a real-life threat to be tracked online.

Armed with your private information, anyone - your new online date, a colleague, or a stranger - can be a threat. Privacy is safety - yours and that of your family. No one has the right to endanger it.

Dan K., San Jose, CA:

Someone else’s criminal record showed up in my background report

Your reputation may be at risk.

Personal and professional reputation takes years and a lot of work to build. Datа brokers can ruin it in an instant, simply by listing inaccurate information about you — which is a very common occurrence.

Jen G., Bradenton, FL:

I suffered from never ending robocalls which literally made every day of my life hell – both at work and at home.

150 robocalls spam an average American per year.

We’ve all been annoyed and distracted by junk emails and calls, wondering how these entities got a hold of our information. Data brokers make your contact specifics available to spammers, without your opt-in or consent.

How we help

1. Scan

We scan 207 data broker websites to find your “profiles”—pages with your personal information that were created without your permission.

1. Enter your information
2. Scan data brokers
3. See results
1. Enter info
2. Scan
3. See results

Please provide your full
name and location

We will scan 207 people-search sites now to find those that expose your personal information.

Sara Cody

Lexington, Alabama

0 out of 207 websites


We’re searching for your personal information on people-search sites.

129 profiles on 207 sites

found for Sara Cody, New York, NY

2. Delete

We send requests to each website on your behalf, asking for your profile to be removed. No matter how complex the opt-out process of a site is, we persist until the profile is removed—and update you along the way.

3. Monitor

Every month, we revisit the 207 data broker sites to check whether your information shows up on additional sites, or has reappeared on the sites you’ve already been removed from, as tends to happen. If needed, the removal starts all over.

Why fight data brokers
with Onerep

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Save about 360 hours

We typically find 46 profiles on 20 sites for an average user. This means doing the manual profile removal on your own can take a stunning 360 hours per year.

Imagine scanning 207 sites each month. Then performing (sometimes repeatedly) all the complex opt-out procedures the sites require.

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Save up to $15,000

Other services charge 25%-500% more for removing your profiles from only a fraction of the data broker sites. Privacy consultants and reputation management agencies charge from $500 to $15,000 per year to essentially do what we have figured out how to do better, for a lot less. Do your own research.

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Get peace of mind

9 in 10 Onerep users report that our service has dramatically reduced their personal data exposure and made their lives safer. 70% of our users stay with Onerep for over a year, with a substantial number choosing to protect their entire family.

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Over 450,000+ users trust us.
See what they say

Identity theft
  • It was very unsettling to see my address, phone number, and other details available for anyone to find. Onerep has greatly reduced the amount of sensitive information about me on the web after just a few months. The process couldn't have been easier.”


    turned to Onerep for privacy protection

  • At first, I was skeptical, but the number of sites they remove from was the best compared to competitors. I started with basic monthly service for myself, and after being pleased with the results, upgraded to an annual plan for the family. I have more peace of mind now and no longer have to worry about someone easily finding things like my address or vehicle.”


    turned to Onerep for privacy protection

  • The best for removing your personal information off of the internet for the world to see. They have removed over 200 listings of my personal information.”


    turned to Onerep for privacy protection

  • I've noticed that my online presence has lowered significantly by simply googling my name. Thank you for advocating online security for me.”


    victim of identity theft. Lost $17,000 to bank account fraud

  • We turned to Onerep to minimize our presence on the web and it's been a huge relief for us. We no longer see multiple profiles pop up in search results, exposing our home address, phone numbers and relatives.”


    identity compromised. Social accounts involved in fraudulent schemes

  • I feel 100% safer now. Now that I use Onerep, I don't have to worry about my information being so accessible.”


    worried about an estranged family member discovering his contact details.

  • I have been with Onerep for the last five years. The Onerep company states exactly what they say they are going to do.”


    turned to Onerep while combating online harassment

  • Thank you Onerep for being my personal stress relief! I can now wake up each day knowing there is nothing that stops me from doing my job effectively. I am super happy that I have Onerep watching my back!”


    spent years repairing a reputation damaged by online fraudsters

  • Since using Onerep, I'm receiving much less spam, and no emails with unnerving details. I was surprised by the quick results, and I feel safer knowing that spammers and other strangers don't have an unfettered ability to locate and contact me.”


    turned to Onerep for privacy protection

  • I always wondered how random emails, junk mail, and coupons found me. I've done some research and decided to use Onerep. Especially over other companies.
    I've noticed robot calls have disappeared. Spam mail and paper mail significantly have reduced. Not only that, but I have had a peace of mind ever since I started using Onerep.”


    turned to Onerep for privacy protection

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