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That a simple Google search can reveal A LOT about you?

It’s a common problem. People-search websites collect personal information from public records, retail transactions, and other sources and sell it for profit.

Get your $5.85/mo deal

Identity theft
Home attacks

Why is exposure
a problem

You and your family become exposed to annoyances such as spam communication as well as more serious dangers of identity theft, real-life and cyber-stalking, and even home attacks.

How OneRep helps

We remove your private listings from sites like MyLife, WhitePages, Spokeo, Beenverified and over 150 others. This means individuals with questionable intent won’t have access to your private information.

Get your $5.85/mo deal



We scan 150+ data broker websites to find your “profiles”—pages with your personal information.


We send requests to remove your personal information from these sites. No matter how complex the opt-out process of a site is, we persist until the profile is removed.


Some listings can reappear on the sites after removal. Every month, we revisit 150+ sites to check whether your information shows up. If needed, the removal starts all over.

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