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How private information comes into the light

Personal data exposure is an escalating problem for people and the businesses they work for. People-search sites, such as WhitePages, MyLife and Spokeo make a business out of selling people's private, sensitive information.

When someone performs a simple Google search for their name, the employee becomes exposed to annoyances such as spam communication as well as more serious dangers of identity theft, real-life and cyber-stalking, and even home attacks. The number of people-search sites has been growing, and the level of detail revealed about the individual is expanding.

Anyone who makes
decisions  that affect other people's lives could fall prey to personal attacks due to data exposure

Professions most vulnerable





Other patient-facing staff

Public service

Government officials

Police officers


Social workers

Public-facing jobs

Customer service reps

Sales professionals

High-profile business professionals






Other courtroom staff

A cost-effective way to offer a  high-value
benefit  while strengthening your organization's security
A cost-effective way to offer a  high-value benefit
while strengthening your organization's security

Protect your team

Done manually, workers would spend hundreds of hours removing their personal information from the 150+ websites that feed into their Google search results. Organizations who want to advocate for employees and their families have been integrating OneRep's fully automated solution into their benefits plans. They found the freed-up time and peace of mind increased productivity and built loyalty.

Put in an extra barrier against security breaches

91% of all cyber attacks begin with a phishing email. Employee's email addresses and personal data publicly accessible online make your company vulnerable to security breaches caused by phishing emails and socially engineered attacks. No organization's security program is complete without privacy protection for its workers.

Rolling out the OneRep Employee Benefit is fast and easy

We work alongside your HR team to make it painless

  • Easy billing models whether you subsidize the program or simply offer the benefit
  • Flexible plans that cover individuals or families
  • Support and training materials for your designated program admins
  • User guides and onboarding for your workforce
  • Easy to get up and running within days to begin employee enrollment

OneRep was easy to get up and running. They provided training materials and dedicated resources to support onboarding. We were pleasantly surprised by our employees' demand for this service! Within the first week, it became one of our more popular voluntary benefit offerings.”

Jenna G. Larsen, Benefit Manager

Permanente Medicine

The only fully automated solution on the market, allowing for scale and value

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6,000 000+

personal profiles removed
from people-search sites since 2015