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Online dating services can and should help members protect their privacy.

Mark BrooksInternet Dating Excellence Association

How your members are vulnerable

A simple Google search for someone’s name can reveal private details

    • Home and work address
    • Phone number
    • Email
    • Date of birth
    • Income range
    • Political affiliations
    • Family members
    • …and about 24 other details

Such information can be used for stalking, harassing visits, calls or correspondence, identity theft, and even attacks at home or work.

Why  protect  your members

  • They choose when to divulge personal contact information; that choice is not made for them by Google.
  • Helping daters stay private online leads to safety in real life.
  • For dating services, offering members this proactive approach to privacy would help differentiate your brand and foster loyalty by showing you really care about member safety.
  • Onerep complements your existing security programs, giving members more ways to stay protected while dating online.

How Onerep works

1. Scan

We scan 190+ sites to find where an individual is exposed

2. Remove

We then remove personal information from these sites

3. Monitor

We continuously monitor all the 190+ sites to make sure people stay private

Ways to  engage


Tighter integration with your existing user flows and experience.

Affiliate model

An easy, no-risk way to test whether your members will value this type of privacy protection service, and add an extra revenue stream.

14,000,000 +personal profiles removed
from people-search sites since 2015

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