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Who we are

Our growing team is fueled by the collective goal to protect every individual’s personal privacy. We’re single-mindedly building technology that leads the market and benefits consumers.

Our platform is engineered for an intuitive consumer experience and effortless integration with other businesses equally committed to privacy.


Anton Stepanov, Support Manager

We, as a support team, are the first to receive the feedback from our users and then we make sure that the customer’s voice is heard by the product team. I’m glad that my job makes an impact and helps to make our service even better.

Daniyar Islamgaliyev, Software Developer

I enjoy solving hard technical challenges. At Onerep I can do this everyday alongside true badass devs. It’s the dream ‘job’ I've always been looking for.

Andrew, Software Developer

It takes people a lot of monotonous yet tricky work to remove your public records from the web. As an engineer, I love automating this hurdle. Happy to help people avoid cybercriminals who are trying to use their info.

Klim Savanovich, Software Developer

Onerep is a unique place to be – the product is meaningful and even life saving sometimes and the team that develops it is top notch. Happy to be a part of it.

Mikalai Shershan, CTO

Before we started Onerep, I did not realize how easy it is to get personal information and how sensitive this information can be. I enjoy creating a system that brings real value and peace of mind to people.

Jane Safiullina, Head of Support

The stories we hear from our customers made me realize that bad things happen to good people everyday. I go to work with the thought that today a number of people will feel safer thanks to my work.

Evgenii, Software Developer

People are finally starting to realize that the protection of their personal data is important. I'm glad to develop unique solutions that help make the Internet a safer place.

Aksana Serhiyenia, Head of Product

I’m thrilled by how fast we grow – our team, our expertise and the number of our customers. We regularly create new products, our latest solutions are designed for businesses, and our service continues to help more and more people. That’s terrific.

Dimitri Shelest, CEO & Founder

There is something really special about Onerep. A top notch technological product. A passionate team who care about what they do. Together, we make a positive impact on people's lives, and that's truly valuable.

Iryna Slabodchykava, Content Manager

When I joined Onerep, I realized how little we all know about online threats. Since then I’ve learned a lot about cybersecurity and I’m now on a mission to spread this knowledge to as many people as possible.

Alex Konoplev, Referral Program Manager

I am responsible for SEO and affiliate expertise at Onerep. My ultimate goal is to make sure our platform ranks higher in search engines and spreads the word about the importance of digital privacy to as many people as possible.

Victoria Kolykhan, Support Manager

Every day I talk to people who suffer because their private personal information is in the open. When someone already in stress gets stuck trying to use Onerep to protect themselves, I’m here to help.

Kristina Goncharova, Head of Marketing

We see a growing demand for our service as more and more people start realizing that privacy truly matters. This happens thanks to the work of many experts who’ve been educating people about privacy for years, and I am glad that our team is a part of this big effort.

Maria Shishkova, Marketing Manager

I have faced the challenge of exposed personal information myself. Now I teach people how to remove their private records from the web as quickly as possible without spending a fortune doing so.

Why we do what we do

This is what I said to myself when I started Onerep back in 2015 after having heard some trully scary strories of people being stalked after their private information had been exposed by a data broker site and them being unable to buy expensive manual help to recover their privacy.

Dimitri Shelest

Dimitri Shelest
CEO & Founder

Therefore, these sites make it very hard for you to “opt-out” or remove yourself, making it nearly a full-time job. Few people can afford this kind of time, or the alternative: hiring someone else to do the opt-outs manually. As a result, privacy becomes a luxury reserved for privileged groups.

Aksana Serhiyenia

Aksana Serhiyenia
Head of Product

Onerep essentially acts on your behalf, powering through tiresome opt-out procedures that dozens of data brokers impose on you if you choose to delete your information from their databases. Thus, technology, which deprives us of privacy serves to restore it.

Mikalai Shershan

Mikalai Shershan

There is a giant gap between the data broker industry and a “regular person” whose privacy was taken by this industry. A single individual simply doesn’t have enough resources to fight the whole industry alone. We are proud to offer the completely free web scan and DIY removal guides alongside our automated subscription service.”

Kristina Goncharova

Kristina Goncharova
Head of Marketing

As the only fully automated platform that removes consumers’ private records from more than 200 people-search sites, Onerep is built into a number of leading identity protection solutions and serves as the key component of the consumer privacy protection ecosystem.”

Mark Kapczynski

Mark Kapczynski
SVP, Strategic Partnerships

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