We believe privacy is a fundamental right, not a luxury reserved for privileged groups.

People search sites — Whitepages, Beenverified, MyLife, etc. — want you on their platform as your private information makes them money. They essentially sell your information to marketers and private citizens alike. These sites therefore make it very hard to “opt‑out” or remove yourself, making it nearly a full-time job. Few people can afford this kind of time, or the alternative: hiring someone else to do the opt-outs manually.


people search sites OneRep removes your records from


hours our engineers dedicated to building the only platform that automates unauthorized public records removal


users found their unauthorized public records with the help of OneRep


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Our mission

OneRep was founded in 2015 with a singular focus: democratizing privacy. We accomplish this through automating the removal of unauthorized listings from people search sites. .



Today, we’re an international team distributed across three cities on two continents: Los Angeles (CA, USA), McLean (VA, USA) and an R&D office in Minsk (Belarus)


Dimitri Shelest

CEO & Founder


Mark Kapczynski

SVP, Strategic Partnerships


Mikalai Shershan

Chief Technology Officer


Kristina Goncharova

Head of Marketing


Oksana Serhiyenia

Head of Product

Get in touch

You can reach us by email at support@onerep.com or +1-855-856-6655 or request a callback.