Top 10 Experts in Online Privacy to Follow in 2022

If you’re like most of us, you’ve probably spent lots of time this holiday season online shopping for presents and getting ready for the festivities. But have you ever wondered how your data gets exposed on the internet and how you can stop it? Keep reading to meet the trusted experts who have the answers and can help you figure out online privacy. Continue reading "Top 10 Experts in Online Privacy to Follow in 2022"

Why you should opt out of Radaris

We post, share, and volunteer so many personal details that, in just a few clicks, we can find information on just about anybody, anywhere. That's why it's important you are aware of major data brokers in the business of collecting and selling your information and know how to opt out of them. In this article, we're introducing you to one such player. Please meet – Radaris. Continue reading "Why you should opt out of Radaris"