Build consumer privacy protection right into your solution

Remove your customers' private information from 190+ data broker sites with a single API. Integration is easy and fast.

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Why you need Onerep in your app

There is no real cybersecurity without privacy protection.

Personal information exposed online is widely used for a multitude of criminal schemes — from identity theft to cyberattacks. Adding privacy protection to your solution helps alleviate the problems for your customers before they occur. The Onerep integration helps convert more customers and build loyalty by offering new and unique capabilities that they really want.

70% of Onerep users stay longer than 12 months.

Data brokers update their databases regularly. User records tend to re-appear on a data broker site within 4 months after the initial removal. An important part of the Onerep API is the continuous monitoring and removal cycle, providing protection that lasts.

Communication from a brand that customers want and wait for.

Onerep helps foster a strong affinity for your brand by building a habit around your product. Customers will find frequent communication from you useful as they want the personalized updates around their private data removal. As Onerep finds and removes their records from the data broker sites, your customers get email or push notifications along the way, leading to natural engagement.

Find     > Remove     > Monitor
exposed private information within your own app

The availability of your customers' private personal info in an instant Google search exposes them, their family members and their homes to severe harms. Seamless integration with Onerep API allows to scan 190+ data brokers for your customer's information and send automatic opt-out requests to remove this information — all from within your own application or software interface.

Then, use the Onerep REST API to monitor data brokers and send notifications once data breach is detected.

Secure customers' data and scale big

Scanning data broker sites and removing information from them with the Onerep REST API is secure and scalable.

Each piece of information going through the API is stored in a fully isolated environment and encrypted at rest and in transit. This means that users who remove their exposed info with your software or on your website can count on you for their data security.

Get instant updates thanks to webhooks

Onerep API sends webhooks to help your app stay updated on the status of all the Onerep progress - that your scan is ready and it is time to launch removal, that listings were sent to Opt-Out or have been already removed. This means that your app is never out of sync with the scan and removal progress that Onerep is constantly working on.

With webhooks, it is possible to set up in-app alerts to notify a user about the listings found on data brokers or the removal of the listing. So you’ll be able to take more control over the notifications and updates your users receive from your software.

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Check out our API guide that details all you need to test and implement your own API solution.

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