Digital executive protection for  security threats

The C-suite is 12x more likely to be targeted by cyber attacks than other employees (Verizon)

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How personal data exposure happens

Google and people-search (AKA people-finder) websites list dozens of details about all of us: addresses, emails, phone numbers, DOB, relatives, salaries, and now even political affiliations.

View the personal data supply chain infographic to learn how and why this happens.

Leaders are at
high risk

Employees in leadership roles tend to have access to some of the organization’s most sensitive information. And a higher public profile. These factors make them a magnet for cyber and real-life crime. We’re talking BEC attacks, identity theft and other impersonations, harassment, stalking, and even in-person attacks.

Personal data exposed online provides fuel for crime.

Executive as
the security
“weak link”  affects all employees, their families, and the organization

  • The CEO fraud scam accounts for $26B USD, as reported in all 50 US states and 150 additional countries
  • 60% of all social engineering attacks targeted executives in 2021
  • 91% of cyber attacks start with a phishing scam
  • 74% of all breaches include human error, information privilege, misuse or social engineering

FBI’s IC3, Business Fraud Prevention, Deloitte, Verizon

Companies must  protect  employees

Employers hold the responsibility to safeguard employees whose jobs put them at risk.

Removing exposure is imperative to keeping the C-suite, their families, other employees and the companies they work for safer.

Executive threat protection is a small investment that pays dividends.

14,000,000 +personal profiles removed
from the web since 2015

We invested in Onerep to protect our frontline workers, such as doctors and nurses. Onerep became an important part of our initiative to better shield employees and executives from outside threats that can occur online and in person.”

Brian Phillips

Director, Protection Services
Molina Healthcare

Onerep Priority Plansoffer the highest level of protection available on the market

  • Truly verified removals
  • Widest number of websites covered, including data brokers and business directories
  • Ongoing Google analysis 
  • Industry-first fully automated scan and removal technology 
  • Ability to scale and adapt to constantly-changing opt-out requirements
  • Monthly scans and removal reporting
  • Dedicated account manager and customer support team
  • Unlimited custom removal and reporting requests
  • Monitoring for and extending coverage to newly appeared data broker websites
  • Individual and family plans

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