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Step-by-step: how to delete your Plenty of Fish account permanently [2024]

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Remove your Name, DOB, Address, Phone Number, Property & Legal Records from 195+ Sites, or Plenty of Fish, is a popular dating site available worldwide. Besides the Plenty of Fish website, there is a dating app available both for iOS and Android. While the basic features are free to everyone, a Premium subscription provides some upgrades. There is also a POF Plus subscription, but it’s available in a limited number of regions.

Unlike Tinder, which focuses on swiping potential matches, POF provides various options that include direct messaging, live streaming, dating games, and other match-making activities. Unlike many other dating sites, POF aims to let people choose what sort of interaction with other users suits them best and find a companion that way. That requires you to tell all kinds of personal things about yourself, including age, gender, hobbies, family background, religion, and more while creating a POF account.

Whether you’ve finally found your match, want to try other dating sites, or simply don’t need POF anymore, Plenty of Fish provides you with two options. You can either hide your Plenty of Fish account from view or permanently delete your profile. We will show you how to do both.

Before you delete your Plenty of Fish account, note that your profile, preferences, the photos you’ve uploaded, and all of your matches and conversations will be gone for good. You won’t be able to view account info or reactivate the account deleted previously. delete account using a computer

Step 1: Access

First, go to the POF website.

POF screen 1

Step 2: Click on ‘Sign In’

Follow the ‘Sign In’ link in the top right corner of the page.

POF screen 2

Step 3: Log in to your POF account

Enter your email address or username and type the password associated with your Plenty of Fish account. Next, click the ‘Log in’ button.

POF screen 3

Step 4: Click on ‘My Profile’

Find ‘My Profile’ in the top right corner of the navigation bar and click there. A drop down menu will appear. Now click the ‘My Profile’ option in the menu.

POF screen 4

Step 5: Access Settings

Go to the Settings section in the appearing navigation bar.

POF screen 5

Step 6: Click ‘Delete Account’

Scroll the page down to the account deletion section and press the ‘Delete Account’ button.

POF screen 6

Step 7: Answer the questions and click ‘Delete Account’

Here, you’ll see questions about your account deletion. The first one asks whether you’d recommend POF to others.

POF screen 7

The next question asks how many dates you’ve been on via the POF app.

POF screen 8

The last question asks for the reason behind deleting your account.

POF screen 9

After you answer all questions, the account deletion button will activate and turn black. Once it does, click on it.

POF screen 10

Step 8: Confirm your wish to cancel the Plenty of Fish account

You’ve reached the final step and simply need to confirm your request. Click the Delete button once more to finish the process.

POF screen 11

Your Plenty of Fish account deletion process is completed.

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How to delete POF account on Android phone

Currently, Plenty of Fish doesn’t support in-app profile deletion on Android. To close your account, head to a web browser on your mobile device.

Step 1: Log into your POF profile

First, open the Plenty of Fish website in a web browser on your phone and log into the account with your credentials. POF may require you to verify your identity with a code sent to your phone number.

POF screen 12

Step 2: Tap the Profile icon

Press the profile button at the bottom right corner of the page.

POF screen 13

Step 3: Tap ‘Manage Account’

Once in the profile section, find the ‘Manage Account’ option and tap on it to continue.

POF screen 14

Step 4: Tap ‘Delete my account’

Scroll down to the bottom, find the ‘Delete my account’ button and tap it.

POF screen 15

Step 5: Answer the provided questions

Choose the answers to the questions about you deleting your Plenty of Fish profile. Specify whether you would recommend POF to anyone, how many dates you have gone on via the application, and the reason behind your Plenty of Fish account deletion.

You might also be asked to provide your POF username. After that, the account deletion button will be activated – press it.

POF screen 16

Step 6: Confirm your cancellation request

A pop-up with a confirmation will appear on the screen. Tap ‘Delete account’ once more to complete the process.

POF screen 17

You’ve completed all the necessary steps on Android and your Plenty of Fish account will now be deleted.

How to delete Plenty of Fish account on iOS device

Unlike on Android, Plenty of Fish allows you to cancel your account on iOS via the dating app.

So, open the POF application on your device.

Step 1: Navigate to My Profile

Tap the Profile icon in the top left corner of the screen.

POF screen 18

Step 2: Follow the ‘Manage Account’ option

Find ‘Manage Account’ and press it.

POF screen 19

Step 3: Follow the ‘Delete my account’ option

Find ‘Delete my account’ at the bottom of the list and tap it.

POF screen 20

Step 4: Choose ‘Delete My Account’

Here, the application provides you with two options: one to terminate your Plenty of Fish account and one to temporarily hide it. Select the ‘Delete My Account’ one.

POF screen 21

Step 5: Submit your answers to the questions

Here, select from the drop-down menu if you would recommend this dating site to others, the reason behind leaving POF, and the number of dates you’ve been on while using Plenty of Fish. Then, press the ‘Delete My Account’ button.

POF screen 22

Step 6: Complete the process

A pop-up will appear on the screen with the final warning. Tap the ‘Delete Account’ button to finish the process.

POF screen 23

You have finished the process of deleting your Plenty of Fish account on iOS.

POF screen 24

What happens when you delete your POF account?

Please note that sometimes your POF account may still be active after you’ve completed the steps above. In this case, contact Plenty of Fish directly with a request to permanently delete your account. You can send your requests to POF customer care via live support chat on the site. Alternatively, fill out their contact form. Just make sure to contact Plenty of Fish via the email you used for signing up.

Once your POF account is deleted, all of the data will be removed with no chance for restoration. If you want to go back to POF later, you’ll have to create a new account.

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How to temporarily hide your POF account

In case you simply want to have a break from Plenty of Fish and consider getting back later, hiding your POF account might be a better option than deleting it Once hidden, your profile won’t be displayed in public areas of the application. But you still might be able to chat with people you have previously connected with.

How to hide your POF profile on a computer

Step 1. Log into your Plenty of Fish profile.

Step 2. Click on ‘My Profile’.

Step 3. Scroll down to the ‘Profile Visibility’ section and toggle the button to the left to turn off your profile visibility.

POF screen 25

How to hide your POF profile on Android device

You can hide your profile on Android via the application, no need to go to the web browser on your phone for this.

Step 1. Tap your Profile icon.

Step 2. Follow the ‘Manage Account’ option.

Step 3. Scroll down to the ‘Hide My Profile’ section and toggle the visibility button to the left.

POF screen 26

How to hide your profile on iOS

iPhone users may take advantage of the ‘Take a break’ feature available only on iOS devices.

Step 1. Tap the Profile icon.

Step 2. Go to ‘Manage Account’.

Step 3. Scroll to the ‘Application’ section and tap ‘Delete My Account’.

Step 4. Choose the ‘Take a Break’ option.

POF screen 27

Step 5. Choose how long you want your Plenty of Fish account to be deactivated and tap the ‘Take a Break’ button once more.

What happens when your POF account is hidden?

Hiding your Plenty of Fish profile means that it will no longer pop up in any suggestions, search result pages, or any bar of images. Also, you won’t be matched with other people. However, those who have previously interacted with you will still be able to see your profile. These include:

  • People on your favorite list.
  • People you are contacting after having hidden your POF profile.
  • People who currently have messages in your inbox.
  • People using the ‘Username Search’ function to find your profile.

Ready to unhide your POF profile?

Whether you want to get back to meeting new people or just want to kill time, you might need to unhide your profile. To do that, just follow the same steps you took when hiding it (or ‘taking a break’) and toggle the visibility button back on.

Bonus tip: While there are a lot of dating apps and websites out there that can put your information at risk when it comes to privacy violations, they pale in comparison to data brokers. Whitepages, Mylife, Spokeo are among many sites that store your personal information and publish it online without your consent. Use our free 5-day trial to start maintaining your safety online with Onerep.


What is POF?

Plenty of Fish, or POF, is a dating site available internationally. There is also a POF app available for iOS and Android. Using the website is free, but there are more features with a POF Plus or POF Premium subscription. The minimum subscription period is 3 months.

Why can’t I delete my POF account?

If you are an Android user, Plenty of Fish doesn’t provide in-app deletion on these devices. Instead, head to a mobile web browser, access the site, and delete POF account via the browser. If you’re having trouble with terminating your Plenty of Fish account on any other device, reach out to POF’s support team (preferably, via the email you used to register).

How do I delete my POF account permanently?

To cancel your Plenty of Fish account on a computer, sign in and go to ‘My Profile’. Then go to Settings, scroll to the ‘Delete Account’ section, click the account deletion button, and follow the prompts. To terminate your account on Android, go to the web browser on your phone, sign in to POF, and tap the profile icon. Then go to ‘Manage Account’, scroll to ‘Delete my account’ and follow the prompts. iOS users can delete POF profiles via the app by following the same steps as on Android.

Can I delete my POF account on the app?

Only users of iOS devices can delete POF account on the application. Android users can cancel their accounts only via a mobile web browser by going to the POF website.

Can I reactivate a deleted account?

No, you can’t. Once you delete your Plenty of Fish account, you won’t be able to access any photos, conversations, or other data. In case you want to have the possibility to reactivate your profile later, choose the ‘Hide My Account’ option instead of deleting it.

I am unable to log in. What is the process for canceling my account?

If you are unable to log in, try resetting your password. If you can’t access your profile on the same device you registered on, try it on another device. If that doesn’t help, submit a request for POF support at or via live chat support on their site. If you have a paid POF membership, you can cancel it in the Apple Store or Google Play.

Does Plenty of Fish delete inactive accounts?

POF doesn’t specify in its Terms whether they delete inactive accounts. But if a person doesn’t log in for a long time, they will likely push the profile page down in the search results.

How do I cancel my paid subscription?

Note that the POF subscription is non-refundable. You can cancel your POF Plus or POF Premium subscription via the App Store or Google Play by going to Media & Purchases or Payments & the subscription accordingly (make sure to use the same Apple ID you used for the purchase). To cancel your POF subscription via computer, go to the POF website, then to ‘Manage Account’, and then to the membership section. There, you can cancel your membership or re-subscribe. Note that you should opt out of your subscription at least 24 hours before the expiry of your current membership.

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