We shutdown unauthorized exploitation of consumer data

Companies trust us to eliminate the risk of personal information exposure for their clients via OneRep API.

OneRep API helps businesses remove unauthorized listings of their customers from over 80 data brokers and people search sites.

  • Higher Retention

    Customers stay with OneRep for years because people search sites keep exposing personal data over and over again.

  • Natural Engagement

    Customers want to be in the know about their data protection status. They welcome status notifications and alerts.

  • Stronger Product

    OneRep is an additional layer of privacy protection integrated in your solution cost efficiently.

Revenue growth

We find websites that expose consumers' personal data

Millions of searches for people's names happen in Google everyday. The information that you can find online is extremely sensitive - phones, addresses, age, family members, financial, property, legal records. OneRep gets consumers in the know. We scan the web to find all profiles created by people search sites without consumers' permission to alert them about their privacy breach.


We help consumers delete information about them from the internet

Consumers have the legal right to request the deletion of their data from any data broker. OneRep performs fully automated removal of unauthorized profiles from over 80 people search sites. Forget fax messages, PDF forms and other weird requests that data brokers impose on consumers to remove their profiles. We got you covered.


We make sure the data never re-appears

People search sites update their databases with new information all the time and your unauthorized profiles reappear. OneRep monitors the web to find new listings and detect profiles on newly appeared sites. Your peace of mind is our job.

Easy integration with REST API

API is organized around REST. Be running easy with code samples.

API Sandbox for developers

Test integration in safe environment to reduce the cost and risk associated with calling your APIs during setup.

Unmatched support

Help is available at any stage, from integration to code to troubleshooting.


Flexibility to support massive throughout requirements up to hundreds of queries per second.

Learn how OneRep API can help your customers.