OneRep Review: OneRep VS. Safe Shepherd

Selecting the right service to maintain your online privacy is no small thing. In our ongoing effort to help you make an informed decision, we offer a comparison between OneRep and Safe Shepherd.

For your convenience, we have analyzed both services using the following criteria:

  • How many name variations, addresses, aliases, telephone numbers, and emails are included in each search?
  • Are easy to follow self-removal instructions provided?  
  • Which people-search sites are included for each service?
  • Which service offers customer service and dedicated support?
  • Does the service include in-depth removal from an extended list of websites?
  • Does the service offer competitive pricing and a variety of membership options?

We are committed to helping you make the right decision for your privacy needs.

author of the article, OneRep blog,
Mary Scotorenko

Editor of OneRep Blog

Check if People-search sites expose your info

OneRep’s  algorithm scans 104 data broker sites
 for your profiles, then makes sure your private information is removed

Which service removes more addresses, phone numbers, names and AKAs?

Whether you’ve moved around a lot, or lived at the same address for many years, a simple Google search can reveal your past and current addresses listed on multiple websites. There’s many reasons why you may not this information exposed online, especially your telephone number.  For one, it makes you an easy target for unwanted solicitors. Or perhaps you have a former alias you no longer want made public. Either way, it’s best to remove all of your personal contact information ASAP and reclaim your right to privacy.   

How does OneRep and Safe Shepheard measure up? Let’s see what each company has to offer:

 OneRepSafe Shepherd
Covered names11
Covered addressesunlimited
Covered telephone numbersunlimited3
Covered email addressesunlimited3
Covered alias/AKAsunlimited1

*Information on Safe Shepherd’s Service details were found on Safe Shepherd Private Dashboard, May 2017.

OneRep will remove ALL previous and current addresses, ALL variations of your first and last names, and ALL of your email addresses and phone numbers.  Even old information that seemingly has nothing to do with you anymore can make you vulnerable and affect your safety and reputation. Hence why it’s imperative to reclaim and maintain control of your personal data.

OneRep removes everything while Safe Shepherd partially

We have to dig through all pages on Safe Shepherd website in an attempt to find information from which websites Safe Shepherd actually removes data from but we weren’t very successful so far. The only thing we managed to find was only this vague excerpt : “…we can’t remove it all, but we can remove a lot”. Really? Well, thanks for clearing that up, Safe Shepheard.  

With some due diligence, a little more digging revealed another page that said they’ll remove your personal data from “dozens of websites”, yet offered no specifics as to which sites they’re talking about. So in effect, you literally have no idea what you’re paying for

“If a website doesn’t allow us to automatically remove your information, we’ll provide straightforward instructions for how to handle the exposure”. – Safe Shepherd F.A.Q.

So you’ve paid for the service and have to remove private information by yourself, seriously?

The screenshots below were taken from Safe Shepherd’s dashboard and show they found an individual’s record on Epsilon, a people-search website. However, instead of removing these records on your behalf, they offer instructions on how the customer request an opt-out from Epsilon directly. This is highly suspect, not to mention lazy, because Safe Shepherd already offers the exact same instructions in their free Privacy Handbook.  So the question remains: what exactly are you paying for?¯\_(ツ)_/¯

At OneRep you will receive highly qualified assistance and guaranteed removal from 104 websites. That includes removal from Spokeo, People Finders, Nuwber, Instant CheckMate, Zaba Search and much more. 

We believe our customers should be 100% protected at all times. Unlike Safe Shepherd, we don’t cut corners or push responsibility onto you. The buck stops here.

Which one is more affordable?

OneRep believes value matters, while others feel there’s a connection between price and quality; in other words, you get what you pay for. In reality, the truth falls somewhere in between.  

Take a look at this chart comparing OneRep and Safe Shepherd’s membership plans and pricing.

 OneRepSafe Shepherd
Monthly Plan$14.95$13.95
Annual Plan$99.95$95.00

*Information on Safe Shepherd’s Service details were found on Safe Shepherd F.A.Q., May 2017.

As you see, the difference in cost is negligible. Safe Shepherd’s Monthly and Annual subscriptions offer a savings of $1 and $4.95 respectively, compared to OneRep’s pricing. One good thing, is Safe Shepherd offers a 10 day free trial so you can test their service, however we’d like to point out this excerpt from Safe Shepherd’s F.A.Q:

“Services also include 1:1 phone consultations that do come at an extra fee of $24.95. However, services also include having the luxury to email us for consultations as well, for NO fee”.

We find this phrasing disconcerting “The Luxury To Email Us”. Huh? In other words, Safe Shepherd believes they’re doing you a favor by reading your emails, all for the privilege of giving them your money.  On top of that, they want an exorbitant fee of $24.95 for phone consultations in addition to their subscription rates. So if you ever have an urgent question or need a consultation, you have to pay extra out of pocket. No thanks, Safe Shepherd!

By comparison, OneRep provides free phone, email and chat consultations whenever you need them. Just leave your number and you’ll receive a guaranteed callback within a few hours, often immediately. We’re always ready to provide expert assistance for all your privacy-related issues.

Can I remove my personal records myself?

Both Safe Shepherd and OneRep offer free opt-out instructions. In this case, you don’t pay for the subscription and complete removal process by yourself.

Safe Shepherd made the Internet Privacy Handbook and everyone can use it for free. There are quite a lot of instructions, however most of them are not comprehensive and difficult to follow as screenshots are not attached to them.

Let’s see how one removal instruction looks like on OneRep and Safe Shepherd. As an example we took, one of the most popular people-search website. 

Opt-Out Instructions on OneRep

           Opt-Out Instructions on Safe Shepherd

Click here to learn more how our free opt-out instructions can help you to regain online privacy.

All removal instructions at one place.

Discover how to opt out of Whitepages, Spokeo, Intelius, and 104 people search websites and data brokers.

Let's Sum Up!

 OneRepSafe Shepherd
Monthly Plan$14.95$13.95
Annual Plan$99.95$95.00
Number of covered websites77 (July 19, 2018)“Dozens”
Your participation in the removal processNot required.If they cannot remove automatically your records, you have to do it by yourself.
Covered emailsunlimited3
Covered names1 person1 person
Covered addressesunlimited4
Covered AKA’s/aliasunlimited1
Customer CareFree consultations (via phone, email, chat)Phone consultation for an extra fee of $24.95, via email.
Google dead link requestsYesNot mentioned
Does the service provides with self-removal instructionsYes (screenshots + detailed step-by-step instructions).Opt-out instructions without screenshots.

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