OneRep Review: OneRep VS. Safe Shepherd

Selecting the right service to maintain your online privacy is no small thing. In our ongoing effort to help you make an informed decision, we’ve compared OneRep and Safe Shepherd.
OneRep VS SafeShepherd

Quick Takeaways

  • Both OneRep and Safe Shepherd offer automatic removal from data broker sites.
  • OneRep’s individual plan offers removal from twice as many sites as Safe Shepherd’s compatible plan (196 as opposed to 50), for a similar price.
  • Safe Shepherd doesn’t reveal the websites they remove your information from, whereas OneRep is fully transparent by showing the exact sites where your information was removed and which sites the platform covers.
  • OneRep supports more people in their removal effort by providing a greater number of detailed DIY removal instructions.

For your convenience, we have analyzed both services using the following criteria:

1. How many name variations, addresses, aliases, telephone numbers, and emails are included in each search?

2. Does the service offer competitive pricing and a variety of membership options?

3. Which people-search sites are included?

4. Are easy-to-follow instructions provided for self-removal?

5. Does the service offer quality customer support?

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Check if people-search sites expose your info

OneRep scans 196 data broker sites for your profiles
and removes your private information. Automatically.  

Which service removes more addresses, phone numbers, names and AKAs?

Whether you’ve moved around a lot, or lived at the same address for many years, a simple Google search can reveal your past and current addresses listed on multiple websites. There are many reasons why you may not want your private information exposed online, especially your home address and telephone number. 

For one, it makes the person exposed an easy target for unwanted attention. It can also broadcast a former alias you may no longer want made public, expose information to someone you do not want to be in contact with, and much more. 

So how does OneRep and Safe Shepherd measure up when it comes to removing your phone numbers, past and current addresses and other personal details? The table below shows what OneRep and Safe Shepherd’s subscription for one person covers. Here and further below we compare individual plans, as all of Safe Shepherd’s offers are limited to one person only.

OneRepSafe Shepherd
Covered names11
Covered addressesunlimited
Covered telephone numbersunlimited2
Covered email addressesunlimited2
Covered alias/AKAsunlimited1

*Safe Shepherd’s service details were found on Safe Shepherd Dashboard, March 2021.

Unlike Safe Shepherd, OneRep removes ALL previous and current addresses, ALL variations of your first and last name, and ALL of your email addresses and phone numbers. We can’t stress enough how important it is to delete everything, even your outdated contact details, since they are what creates your unauthorized listing on data broker sites and can be used to track you down.

Which one is more affordable?

The table below compares the pricing for OneRep and Safe Shepherd’s individual plans.

OneRepSafe Shepherd
Monthly Plan$14.95$13.95
Annual Plan$99.95$99.95 - $1,199.95

*Safe Shepherd’s service details were found on Safe Shepherd Dashboard., March 2021.

Safe Shepherd’s individual plans vary in protection levels – from premium to executive. Also, there are three payment options –  monthly, annual and two-year coverage.  Each subscription enables protection for one person only. If you want to protect your family of 4 (e.g. yourself, your spouse, your mother and your father), each of you will have to buy a separate subscription. 

Unlike Safe Shepherd, OneRep does not differentiate between VIP, executive, premium and other users.  We treat all of our customers equally and remove their information from all sites on our list (currently 106 sites) enabling maximum protection for every user. 

What’s more, in addition to individual subscriptions, we offer family protection for up to 6 persons,  business solutions,  as well as extended individual protection in complex cases.

How many websites are included in the subscription?

Depending on the subscription plan, Safe Shepherd claims to monitor from 50 to an unlimited number of websites for your exposed information. The problem is they do not reveal the concrete sites they cover, keeping you in the dark about the nature and size of the websites they remove your profiles from. 

In addition, their ‘How it works’ page states that “if a website doesn’t allow us to automatically remove your information, we’ll provide straightforward instructions for how to handle the exposure.” However, the page doesn’t mention which sites allow automatic removal of your information to Safe Shepherd and which don’t. 

This leaves you unsure about the following:

  • How many websites  Safe Shepherd will scan to find your information.
  • How many sites they will process automatically to remove your details.
  • How many sites they will NOT remove you from automatically and will instead send you self-removal opt-out instructions so that you do the work yourself.

Safe Shepherd puts the most difficult and time-consuming opt-out task on your shoulders.

The screenshot below shows Safe Shepherd inviting users to visit a data broker site and delete their record on their own.

How Safe Shepherd Works _ Safe Shepherd - Google C

At OneRep we’re completely transparent about the sites we remove your information from. Our automatic removal works on 196 websites. You can see the full up-to-date list here at any time. 

OneRep’s automated removal platform ensures opt-out from each website it finds you on.  The removal procedures differ from one site to another but one thing doesn’t change – our service won’t stop until your record is deleted. The system will keep sending opt-out requests on your behalf and repeatedly scan people-search sites until the removal is verified.

Are easy-to-follow instructions provided for self-removal?

Both Safe Shepherd and OneRep offer free opt-out instructions. In this case, you don’t pay for the subscription and complete removal process by yourself.

Safe Shepherd made the Internet Privacy Handbook and everyone can use it for free. There are quite a lot of instructions, however most of them are not comprehensive and difficult to follow as screenshots are not attached to them.

Let’s see how one removal instruction looks like on OneRep and Safe Shepherd. As an example we took, one of the most popular people-search website. 

Opt-out Instructions on Safe Shepherd vs. Opt-out Instructions on OneRep


Let's Sum It Up

The table below summarizes the key points to consider when selecting a privacy tool to suit your needs.

OneRepSafe Shepherd
Monthly Plan$14.95$13.95
Annual Plan$99.95$99.95
Two Year Plan$169.95
Number of covered websites10450
Covered emailsunlimited2
Covered names1 person1 person
Covered addressesunlimited2
Covered AKA’s/aliasunlimited1
Customer CarePhone, email, chatPhone and email

Remove your sensitive info from the web

OneRep’s algorithm scans 196 data brokers and removes your records from all people-search sites that publish them

Maria Shishkova

Digital Marketer & Privacy Expert  at OneRep | LinkedIn