Published Published January 30, 2024
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Meet the new Onerep: a visual guide to your privacy

New Onerep

We’ve been listening to what our users want since 2015. Making changes big and small along the way has made our service more effective and rich in the features that matter to our customers. Well…this new change is big. And full of functionality not available anywhere else.

#1 A complete view of your personal data exposure

In your new dashboard, you can see how many websites we scanned and found your info on; how many more websites can potentially expose you and thus need to be monitored closely; as well as personal details data brokers may have on you. There’s even insight on the degree of possible harm these details may inflict. We encourage you to visit your dashboard regularly to check how your privacy is improving.     

Onerep dashboard

#2 Detailed data removal stats

If we were you, we’d really want to see how many of your data broker profiles we found, which websites expose your information, the number of removals currently in progress, and how many profiles we successfully erased. Check the new Your Removals section of the dashboard – it has that and more. 

Onerep dashboard_removals

#3 Reliable scans

Click the View profile link in Your removals to see your unauthorized profiles discovered on data brokers. Unlike other services that invent links based on predictions, we ONLY place those links in your dashboard after we’ve scanned data brokers and really found your profiles on them. The technology behind these scans is OneRep’s True Scan™. Every month it checks about 200 websites for your new or reappeared profiles. 

Onerep dashboard_eliable scans

#4 AI-enabled data removal

It comes as no surprise that data brokers use novel technologies to scrape personal data, collect and profile it in order to make it a profitable business. We combat their tactics with our own use of AI, allowing us to penetrate every data broker’s unique opt-out process. Likewise, each of our users gets their own highly customized AI-assisted removals.   

#5 Maximum transparency around the removal process

Removal stages is a feature that adds clarity and helps keep you in the know about what’s happening with your data broker profiles at any given time – whether we just requested your opt-out, processing it, or verifying the removal. You can also see if a data broker resisted removal by the number of opt-out request attempts we’ve made. No worries – we’ll keep trying as many times as it takes to make sure your data is gone, using our own Verified Removal™ process.

Onerep dashboard_removal stages

#6 Data broker profile removal time

Want to know when you can expect your unauthorized profiles to disappear? We added a clear removal time indicator for each data broker just for that.

Onerep dashboard_predictive timeline

#7 On-demand scan

Data brokers are quick to find out about your changed circumstances. And they’re updating their databases non-stop to reflect those changes. We now run a scan every time you change or add new personal details – be it your middle name, address, phone number, email, or other major personal identifiers. The process works the same way for everyone in your account. This way we can quickly find and remove all data broker profiles for you and your family. 

Onerep dashboard_on-demand scan

#8 Even more accurate scan results

We’ve hacked a way to eliminate irrelevant results from your account. Improved accuracy makes sure people with similar names and locations are excluded from your dashboard. For example, enter your date of birth.

Onerep dashboard_more accurate scan results

#9 A new and improved family account setup

You can now enjoy separate account views for each family member–everyone gets their own privacy snapshot in one dashboard. 

Onerep dashboard_improved family account

#10 Simple and intuitive experience

We’ve rethought the experience to be visually beautiful, easy to navigate and truly simple to use.

Get started today

With the launch of our reimagined customer dashboard, Onerep is here to help individuals and families stay informed and protected from multiple online threats. 

Sign up or log in to your account to instantly access the new experience.

thisss Onerep team Committed to personal privacy on the Internet.
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