Published Published June 17, 2024
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Removing your account

Ready to stop your information exposure?

Remove your Name, DOB, Address, Phone Number, Property & Legal Records from 195+ Sites is one of the oldest online dating websites targeted at the United States, UK, Australia, and Canada markets.

Before you delete your Cupid account

Keep in mind that popular dating websites and apps collect information on users, and share it with their affiliates and other third parties. Eventually, your data finds its way to data broker sites (AKA people-search engines) like Whitpages, Mylife, and Spokeo to name a few.
Onerep helps you remove your information from these sites. We scan over 100 people-search engines to find those that expose your private information, and then we remove your information from that site. Sign up for our free 5-day trial today to see how we help protect your privacy.

How to delete account?

1. Sign in to

2. Click the sign near your icon.

3. Click “My settings.”

delete Cupid account min

4. In account settings choose the “Remove” section and click “Continue.”

Remove section

5. Enter your password. Click “Continue”.

Enter your password

6. Choose the option that meets your wishes best. Click “Continue.”


7. Choose the option that best describes your reason for leaving. Click “Continue.”

option that best describes your reason for leaving

8. Click “Remove your account.”

Remove your account Cupid

You have requested that remove your account. Please allow a few minutes for this change to take effect.

View Terms of use and Privacy policy.

See what sites share your private information

Start a 1-minute scan to check 195+ data broker sites for your profiles and get a free personalized exposure report.

Please enter your first and last name

thisss Onerep team Committed to personal privacy on the Internet.
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