Published Published August 4, 2021
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Onerep CEO named top cybersecurity leader

✅ OneRep CEO top cybersecurity leader

We’re proud to announce that The Software Report has chosen our founder and CEO, Dimitri Shelest, as a top cybersecurity CEO of 2021. Dimitri is in good company with other notable executives that include John Chen from BlackBerry, Jeff Shiner from 1Password, Hock Tan from Symantec, and Pam Murphy from Imperva.

It’s an honor to see Onerep’s founder included among these influencers and further reinforce our belief that a modern privacy solution is a crucial part of any cybersecurity effort.

In 2015, Dimitri founded Onerep with a vision to make personal privacy attainable. He set a goal to create a tool that helps consumers fight against data brokers, who collect private citizens’ personal information without their permission and sell it for a profit. Dimitri believed that no one should have to spend days and weeks of their life removing their personal information from these sites.

Realizing that goal, Onerep blossomed into the only fully automated and widest-reaching platform on the market, allowing us to be affordable to more people and companies. Onerep has removed 5M+ unauthorized profiles for private citizens, as we continue extending our operations to privacy-conscious organizations and businesses that want to protect their customers and employees. Focus areas include healthcare, identity protection companies, and law enforcement departments at state and local levels.

Please see our press announcement for more information.   

edit IMG 4679 e1692204157928 Iryna Slabodchykava Head of Content at Onerep

Iryna is a marketer and content writer. She’s been focused on privacy for 5+ years and is on a mission to spread cybersecurity knowledge to as many people as possible.

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