Making Personal Privacy an Employee PERK

If you’re wondering how to make personal safety a work perk, an employee experience expo is the best place to go. Especially if it’s PERKS Convention, the nation’s most unique trade show designed to rething work experiences.  

OneRep team at PerksCon

This September, OneRep took part in two PerksCon events – IRL in Boston on September 15, 2021 and online on September 22, 2021. Both events were so much fun! We saw genuine interest in privacy as a perk from HR professionals and became convinced that even though the OneRep Employee Benefit is a newer solution in the world of more traditional healthcare, wellness, and life management, it’s much needed and is one of the best security practices to support medical, public service, legal and other public-facing professional teams working both remotely and in person/in the field.

First stop: PerksCon in Boston

Boston was a blast. Hundreds of attendees, great atmosphere, and exciting encounters. We had a booth set up and joined alongside other PerksCon exhibitors such as BetterHelp, Nivati, More Health Inc.,, WEX, Attigo, and many more. 

Attendees were able to dive into the full expo experience with champagne🥂, a Donut Bike 🍩🚲, a mechanical bull🐂, and so many exciting perks and vendors that help to improve employees’ lives physically, mentally, emotionally and financially. 

We immersed ourselves in the experience too—our team introduced the privacy protection solution that resonated with people, answered a ton of questions about personal privacy and privacy at work, gave away a 100+ cute and fluffy Privacy Parrots and got to connect with plenty of attendees who wanted to find out more about protecting their teams from unwanted personal information on the Internet.

Privacy Parrots OneRep Perkscon Boston 2021

Second stop: PerksCon Online 2021

Perkscon online 2021

22 September was an action-packed day with lots of perks, amazing speakers, fun, music, meditation and nice surprises—all arranged and presented online. Attendees learned that the benefits that have an impact on employees’ well-being and psychological comfort are now replacing traditional office perks. We were happy to be among the modern vendors offering these solutions as our privacy protection for organizations helps to restore peace of mind and works towards a better, more positive work experience and increased productivity. 

Route ahead: privacy protection is today’s progressive way to show care and improve your company’s security

PerksCon events were a great experience for us as we got to see in person the lack of public awareness about privacy protection for professional teams, as well as steady interest in this benefit. We now know we have a long way ahead educating and spreading the word about the importance of safeguarding employees’ online privacy. Not only does it ultimately strengthen the security of your organization helping to avoid breaches caused by your employees’ personal information exposure but as a new perk, it also provides an affordable and efficient means of fostering loyalty. In the same manner, offering privacy protection as a perk makes organizations stand out and gives them an edge in attracting the valuable talent that is in high demand in so many industries nowadays.

Looking to add privacy protection to your Employee Benefits Program?

Iryna Slabodchykava

Content Strategy Manager at OneRep | LinkedIn