Remove Yourself from the Internet with OneRep Opt-Out Instructions

For sure you’ve faced the following situation: you googled your name, found your private records on dozens weird sites. “How to protect myself and remove records from countless people-search sites asap?” — is a very popular request. OneRep found a solution that would save your time.

If you have ever encountered people-search websites you probably noticed that they have different privacy policies and removal rules. Seems like they have conspired together against us by creating increasingly sophisticated opt out forms and removal conditions. If you need to remove your data from 1-2 websites that’s fine, not a big deal, but what if your private records are placed on 30 websites.
Mary Scotorenko

Editor of OneRep Blog

Check if People-search sites expose your info

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Besides, websites are striving to improve their interfaces all the time and change removal rules. That brings to the point that it’s incredibly difficult to keep all removal instructions in head or search for them on multiple sites.

Which begs the logical question: what do to? How to protect myself? There are a few answers:

  • Visit websites where your data is exposed and write down opt out instructions. But as we all know this is not very productive way of spending free time.
  • Use step-by-step OneRep Opt Out Instructions.

We aggregated opt out instructions from major people-search sites for your convenience and they are being constantly updated. And what is more, you don’t have to waste your time searching for them. We made screenshots because visual support makes it easier to follow the instructions.

The necessity to collect all opt out instructions at one place became tangible as our Support Team had to remove hundreds of personal records every day. That was before OneRep removal system became automatic. But even now it is obvious that all instructions at one place speed up the removal process almost 10 times. It took us several months to collect all instructions but later on we came to the conclusion that they helped us to delete successfully tons of private data from the Internet in a short period of time. And now, as they are publicly available, they would definitely help you!

This is how pages with opt out instructions look like. opt-out instructions. opt-out instructions.

Of course you might think that there are a lot of opt out instructions on the Web, one has only to google them. But most of instructions are out of date. In the previous article we provided examples of such removal lists. Many of them were created in 2010-2013, while the vast majority of websites have already updated their privacy policies a few times.

It is worth to mention that new people-search websites appear all the time causing troubles to Internet users. OneRep team does its best to find such websites and add the removal instructions to the list.


5 reasons to use OneRep Opt Out Instructions.

  1. All instructions are placed in the alphabetical order to make it easier to find how to remove yourself from a particular website.  
  2. User-friendly search functionality.
  3. You have an opportunity to check your private records on every single website. Sometimes it is difficult to locate a specific people-search site that posts your personal details on Google but scammers follow them. We need to be alerted. With OneRep Opt Out Instructions you have this opportunity.
  4. Screenshots are provided to the most of instructions and makes it easier to follow them.
  5. All instructions are being constantly updated.

As it was mentioned before OneRep constantly updates the instructions, but if you have noticed that something is out of date please email at

Your Time is Valuable. Let Us Help You.

OneRep offers its members continuous monitoring and automated removal of their private information.

Your Time is Valuable. Let Us Help You.

OneRep offers its members continuous monitoring and automated removal of their private information.