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  • Big talk on consumer fraud with Steve Baker, Founder of Baker Fraud Report & ex-FTC director

Big talk on consumer fraud with Steve Baker, Founder of Baker Fraud Report & ex-FTC director

Our speakers
Mark KapczynskiSVP, Strategic Partnerships at OneRep
Steve BakerFounder Baker Fraud Report, ex-FTC director

In this pilot episode of The Privacy Circle, we’re joined by Steve Baker, Founder of Baker Fraud Report, Former FTC director and member of BBB Board of Directors for an in-depth discussion on fraud and consumer privacy violations associated with it.   

Steve shares his insights on the mechanics of a scam and the importance of education for both private citizens and security professionals.

Timestamps for the episode
00:29 – Steve Baker on his experience and background in cyber security
01:15 – Baker Fraud Report newsletter and mission to educate people about fraud
03:05 – Police attitude to common scams; how it is changing and why basic advice fails 
04:08 – How Baker Fraud Report is created and what drives the process
04:39 – The many faces of fraud, why people buy into it and what would help to solve it
09:02 – The flow of data: how fraudsters get consumer information
12:30  – Do fraudsters ever get prosecuted? 
14:22  – How to protect yourself from scam and what to do if you’re a victim 
18:00  – Big tech and people-search sites: why collecting and exposing consumer information is legal
20:15  – Lack of privacy legislation in the US and nation states privacy violations
21:27  – Fraud is never instant and takes a while to plan out 
22:50  – Final tips from Steve
24:07  – How to sign up for the Baker Fraud Report newsletter 

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