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  • How a Fortune 500 healthcare company safeguarded frontline staff against harassment and stalking

How a Fortune 500 healthcare company safeguarded frontline staff against harassment and stalking

Industry: Hospitals and Health Care
Company size: 1,001-5,000 employees
Solution: Onerep corporate plan, voluntary benefit

Client is a division of a large conglomerate that operates clinics and medical centers in the U.S.

3xhigher take rate than Identity Theft Protections solution
292doctors and nurses protected
90%continued membership after a year
52,523profiles with personal information removed from data broker sites


The security and HR teams at the company needed to take action against workplace harassment and attacks its team faced on a regular basis. They sought to protect their clinical and non-clinical staff by increasing personal privacy, safety, and security for all workers. Team members were attempting to do manual removals from websites (called “people-search sites”) that revealed their unwanted personal information; this proved very difficult and time-consuming. 

Client’s criteria for selecting a privacy partner

  • Automate previously manual removals employees were spending time on
  • A solution that delivers on what it promises
  • Removal from as many websites as possible
  • A platform that’s easy to use
  • Onboarding support for account administrators
  • Onboarding support for employees
  • Flexible billing
  • Ongoing monitoring for any reappeared listings


Client’s Manager of Enterprise Security had been a long-time personal user of Onerep and introduced the solution to the HR team. Client rolled out Onerep as a voluntary benefit to help bolster physical and online security for its workers.


  1. Take rate is 3x Identity Theft Protection (IDP) solutions
  2. Doctors and nurses are huge takers 
  3. Hundreds of employees on the Onerep platform
  4. Effective, fully automated removal of team members’ private information from Google and 190+ websites 
  5. Client renewed for another year and onboarding additional employees monthly

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