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  • The newest employee benefit: Privacy protection

The newest employee benefit: Privacy protection

Our speakers
Mark KapczynskiSVP, Strategic Partnerships at OneRep
Megan HayesDirector at HRCI

Supporting employee privacy and security has never been as vital as it is right now. While we may associate privacy protection with individuals, it goes much further and can be a key element in safeguarding businesses. In this webinar, our SVP of Strategic Partnerships along with our HRCI partners, discuss why companies should take the lead in protecting employees’ identity and which professionals need it most.

Watch the webinar to learn

  • How personal information winds up on Google and other websites
  • Why data exposure leaves your employees and company vulnerable
  • The importance of having privacy as a top priority
  • Best practices for protecting your teams and organization
  • Tips to develop better privacy habits online

Who should watch

  • CHROs
  • Benefits administrators
  • Heads of cyber and physical security