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  • How AI affects physical and cyber safety

How AI affects physical and cyber safety

Our speakers
Mark KapczynskiSVP, Strategic Partnerships at OneRep
Michael GladstonePrincipal, Global Security Operations at Gemini

Emerging tech is advancing at breakneck speeds. Web3, Artificial Intelligence, Crypto, the Metaverse. Explore how technology is affecting personal and global security.

Watch the webinar to learn

  • Ways criminals leverage new tech to pierce security
  • What’s here for Web3 and what is likely coming
  • A dive into real issues with Artificial Intelligence (e.g., ChatGPT)
  • The effect on personal safety at work and outside of it
  • Outline actionable best practices for security professionals

Who should watch

  • Heads of physical and cybersecurity
  • Security professionals at Fortune 5000 organizations
  • Security professionals in healthcare, government and public service
  • CEOs
  • Business owners
  • HR professionals

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