Meet the OneRep support team… the Wizards Behind the Curtain.

At OneRep, customer satisfaction is our top priority. The way you talk to customers has a big impact on your brand, and nothing delivers customer satisfaction quite like consistently delightful communication.

Assembling a quality customer support team is a core tenet of any successful business; it’s the bridge that connects customers to our service. OneRep’s customer support team juggles a diverse list of duties, covering all aspects of the customer experience, from customer interactions, to resolving queries, to listening to your concerns and finding real solutions.

To help you understand what it’s like to stand on the frontline of OneRep, we invited our support team members, Natalie, Anthony and Jane to share their thoughts about great customer service and some real stories from working experience.

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Mary Scotorenko

Editor of OneRep Blog

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Thanks for taking the time to talk to me guys. I know how busy you are. So tell me first, what is your motto for great customer service?

Jane: Initially, we didn’t have a motto as such, rather, it sort of evolved organically through our work. We believe what sets us apart from other online privacy companies, is our individual approach, and actively listening to our customers needs. We’re very much aware that when a customer reaches out to us, they’re looking for an advocate help them maintain a fundamental human right: the right to privacy. OneRep’s goal is to provide the absolute best customer service, and solve our customer’s issues as quickly as possible. There’s no greater reward than a satisfied customer. It motivates us to work harder and go that extra mile. So in that sense, out motto sort of grew from there. I think “happy customer – happy support team” perfectly characterizes our mindset. Maybe that sounds a little cliche, but making our customers happy is really huge motivating factor for us.

Anthony: My motto is simple: the safer the better. Meaning, the more records we’re able to remove, the safer our customers will be. And our customer’s safety and satisfaction is my biggest reward.

Anthony, Customer Support Specialist

Okay. In you opinion, does OneRep need a support team?

Jane: As an expert in my field, it’s my responsibility to guide customers to the best possible solution, based on my experience and knowledge. Customer care department is essential if you want to built a thriving business. We interact with people everyday, we know what they like in our service and what features we should improve and make more user friendly. If there are any errors we immediately notify our development department and they fix everything. Support team is the link between a customer and a company. We’re here to help, and also to educate you on privacy related issues. Assisting customers one on one is a very important part of our business.

Natalie: For me, a good support team is the face of any company, and we’re all genuinely proud to be a part of OneRep. When it comes to online privacy industry, a support team plays the key role. In many cases customers are reaching out to us for help, they’re probably coming to the conversation scared and frustrated, especially if they’ve never dealt with data exposure before, or didn’t even know there was such a thing as data brokers. We take time to explain how personal data appears on Google, and how we can help to remove it. By definition, support means to bear all or a part of the weight. We are here to bear this heavy lifting for you. Because your privacy matters. 

What do you enjoy most about being a part of the OneRep support team?

Anthony: Helping people. Being compassionate. Being ready and willing to help at any time.

Natalie: I enjoy the team spirit and atmosphere. It’s like a family. We’re all on the same wavelength and understand each other. Sometimes, we even complete each other’s thoughts, which is especially helpful when I’m working on something urgent and don’t have to waste time explaining everything. In some cases our opinions differ, we argue but eventually focus our efforts on finding the best possible solution. 

Natalie, Customer Support Specialist

Jane: I love being part of the OneRep team because we all share a similar view on life, which helps us work well together and create a great service for our customers. Besides, I spend a third of my life at work, so I feel it’s important to devote my time to something that truly matters and benefits people. I also enjoy socializing with my teammates and coworkers because it brings us closer together and creates a healthy work environment, which is vital. We’ve captured something special here, and I think that’s great!

What’s the most difficult aspect of your job at OneRep that you’d like people to know?

Anthony: Each customer we work with is unique and comes to the experience with their own ideas about how things work. People tend to misinterpret what we do and it can take a lot of time and energy to get everyone on the same page.

Jane: Lack of awareness. People simply don’t understand that data brokers and background check websites collect their personal data for profit, and more importantly, that this intrusion of privacy is perfectly legal. Sometimes customers confuse OneRep, an online privacy service, with data brokers, companies that collect and share your personal info. Our goal, is to raise consumer awareness to the potential threat that exposed data might cause. Sometimes, customers simply refuse to believe that some unknown entity actually creates databases of phone numbers, addresses, even health records, and we have to convince them that it’s actually happening. To assist with that, OneRep offers free reports that show exactly which websites are posting your personal information online, which helps people grasp the essence of the problem.

Natalie: Online privacy companies like OneRep are relatively new, and haven’t reached mainstream awareness as of yet. However, that day is soon coming, and it’s just a matter of time. I agree with Jane, sometimes the most difficult part of our job is the lack of awareness, which just slows the whole process down. To help customers broaden their understanding, OneRep created a blog with several useful articles, like how does your data appear on countless websites or what to do to keep your personal information off the Internet. We also created a video about OneRep that explains how online privacy companies work.

What’s one piece of advice you can give potential customers before they call OneRep?

Natalie: Please check our About us page and read our frequently asked questions.
We eagerly await your calls and emails, and are always ready to assist you with removing your personal information from Google, Yahoo, Bing and other search engines.

Anthony: And try not to forget there’s a human being, just like you, on the other side of that telephone call or internet connection. Communication is a two way street.
Be polite, listen to what others have to say, and in turn, you’ll also be heard and understood as well.

What’s the scariest thing you’ve encountered while helping people maintain their online privacy?

Natalie: I had a customer once that said she’d been shot 4 times and was afraid because the person who did it would be let out of prison soon and could easily find her address on the Internet. Her personal records were exposed, as is the case with most Americans. It’s scary, and we do our best to remove vulnerable data like that as soon as possible.

Jane: People come to us with different stories, and for a lot of them, OneRep is truly a salvation. Just a few days ago, we got a call from a police officer who told us his partner was killed. The police officer asked us to remove his personal data from all background check websites so these criminals couldn’t find him.

Jane, Head of Customer Support

Anthony: We also get a lot of customers who are being stalked by their ex. They move, change their address and phone numbers, but somehow, their new info appears on Google’s search results. In cases like this, OneRep’s continual web monitoring can help; it not only finds new records and relisted ones, but also helps protect against a determined stalker.

I imagine most customers come to you with serious privacy issues, but do you have any funny stories you could share?

Natalie: As you said, most customers are worried about maintaining the privacy of their records and personal lives, and that’s not funny at all. However, sometimes when customers explain their situation to us, they can’t help but laugh, and I think that’s healthy. Privacy issues are very serious, but it’s important not to lose heart. That’s why OneRep exists, to solve your privacy problems and carry that burden for you. Anyway – the funny story – once, a customer requested a call-back through our website, and when they picked up the phone, all I could hear was meowing. Yes, meowing. I was like, “Hello? Can you hear me? …Hello?” But the only response I hear is “meow, meow, meow.” After a wonderful conversation with this cat, we agreed it’d be best if the cat’s owner got back to us a bit later when they had more time. If I knew cats made such good receptionists, I would’ve gotten one a long time ago! 🙂

Anthony: For me, sometimes it is difficult to know by voice alone who I’m speaking to, a sir or a ma’am. Then there’s that inevitable awkward moment when I take a leap of faith and say “Yes, ma’am” instead of “Yes, sir.” It’s embarrassing. I’m still trying to figure out a good way around that. 


What do you do in your free time?

Natalie: Playing sports and cooking are the things I love the most when I have some free time. I also enjoy learning Spanish.

Hola, ¿cómo estás – that’s all the Spanish I know, unfortunately 🙂

Natalie: muy bien!

Jane, what about you?

Jane: I try to spend as much free time with my daughter as I can, when I’m not busy studying for my bachelor’s degree in human resource management. I also love travelling.

What was the last country you visited?

Jane: Actually, I was fortunate to visit 4 countries on my last vacation; I traveled across China, then visited Malaysia, Hong Kong, and Macau. It was beautiful. Working at OneRep offers me the freedom to travel and see the world.

That’s awesome! Anthony, how about you; how do you spend your free time?

Anthony: For me, one of the best ways to let off some steam and get away from the stress of work, is to just spend some time alone. Reading and meditating are invaluable after a stressful day. Also, I love dancing. It’s my go-to remedy to get out of any funk I might be in, and helps me get back in harmony with myself.

Ah, so we shouldn’t rule out the possibility of seeing your fancy footwork on the next season of “So You Think You Can Dance?” 🙂

Anthony: Don’t forget “Dancing with the Stars”. You never know, Mary; you just never know. 


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