OneRep launches Family plan

OneRep privacy company is pleased to announce the launch of a Family plan that provides all the benefits of instant, on-demand scan for up to 6 people under one billing account for $27.95 monthly or $179.95 for an annual subscription.

Our goal with the Family plan is to provide our users with an easier solution to protect the people they love at one place at an affordable price point. In fact, OneRep is the first privacy provider to launch a Family plan feature that can store 6 people under one account.

Maria Shishkova

Digital Marketer & Privacy Expert at OneRep | LinkedIn

Check if People-search sites expose your info

OneRep’s  algorithm scans 196 data broker sites
for your profiles, then makes sure your private information is removed

Monthly subscription price$14.95$27.95$229.99
Annual subscription price$99.95$179.95
Number of people1up to 61

For your convenience, we’ve created a guide that will help our users to activate the Family plan subscription:

1) Enter your name in a search bar


2) Enter your city and state

3) Enter your current email address

4) Click on the ‘Add family member’ link

5) Click on the ‘Select plan’ button 

6) Enter your billing details and provide accurate information about yourself

7) To include other people into your subscription, click on ‘Manage family’

8) Click on the ‘Add family member button’

9) Enter personal details of a relative and you’re done! Our scan will automatically start searching for vulnerable records on you and your loved once