OneRep Review: OneRep VS. PrivacyDuck

You have many choices when selecting a service to secure your online privacy. To help you make an informed decision, we continue our in-depth analysis of competing services to see how they measure up against Without further ado, let’s begin our OneRep vs. PrivacyDuck comparison.
OneRep VS PrivacyDuck

Quick Takeaways

  • OneRep has more flexible plan options including both a monthly and annual subscription and a more preferable choice for families (6 people covered as opposed to 2).


  • PrivacyDuck services are much more expensive than OneRep, which places them on par with costly privacy consultants.


  • OneRep focuses on democratising privacy and making it more affordable by automating the removal of unauthorized listings from people-search sites.


  • PrivacyDuck offers more time-consuming and less efficient manual removal of personal information.


  • OneRep supports more people in their removal effort by providing easy to understand DIY removal instructions.

As with all articles in this series, the following questions became the main criteria for our comparison:

1. How many name variations, addresses, aliases, telephone numbers, and emails are included in each search?

2. Does the service offer competitive pricing and a variety of membership options?

3. Which people-search sites are included?

4. Are easy-to-follow instructions provided for self-removal?

5. Does the service offer quality customer support?

6. How does the service differ from its competitors?

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Remove your sensitive info from the web

OneRep’s algorithm scans 191 data brokers and removes your records from all people-search sites that publish them 

What is PrivacyDuck and what do they do?

PrivacyDuck proudly calls itself ‘pro-education, pro-consumer advocacy’ and promises ‘complete personal information and record removal in rapid fashion from all possible sites and sources’. 

Let’s take a closer look to see if this is really true.

OneRep vs PrivacyDuck — Which service removes more addresses, phone numbers, names and AKAs?

OneRep and PrivacyDuck are very much alike when it comes to the removal  approach. Both services are equipped to remove ALL your name variations, addresses, telephone numbers and related information. 

The removal process can be a hard nut to crack, but OneRep has got you covered from start to finish. When you register, we ask you to provide as much information about yourself as possible to ensure the maximum number of unauthorised records can be found and removed from a larger number of people-search sites. Not to worry – you can always come back and add more details later if you happened to leave something out during the registration. 

No detail is too small for us, as the search accuracy very much depends on every bit of information you provide. We need it all – your previous addresses, name variations, aliases, phone numbers, email addresses and so on. 

Most importantly, the personal information you share is safe with us. We never sell or pass it to the general public.

OneRep vs PrivacyDuck — Which is more affordable?

Online privacy services can cost a pretty penny. Some of them are so exorbitant, that it’s literally cheaper to hire a personal security guard. OneRep believes the benefits of online privacy shouldn’t be exclusive, nor should it cost a fortune; that’s why our price structure and subscription plans are designed to fit any budget.  

The table below compares membership options provided by OneRep and PrivacyDuck.

The table below summarizes the key  points to consider when selecting the privacy tool to suit your needs.

OneRep Individual
OneRep FamilyPrivacyDuck
Basic Privacy
VIP Privacy
Monthly Plan$14.95$27.95
Annual Plan$99.95

How many websites are included in the subscription?

PrivacyDuck’s offering is limited to two subscription options.

The most affordable plan, Basic Privacy, covers 92 people-search sites for $499 annually, and promises to remove the records of 2 individuals. If you’re looking for something more in-depth, their VIP Privacy plan includes 191 people-search sites at the cost of $999 per year for two people.

OneRep removes your personal data from 191 people-search sites and this number never stops growing. Our team is committed to finding new people-search websites and adding them to our list. You can see the websites we cover here.

Are easy-to-follow instructions provided for self-removal?

In short, yes. You always have the right to contact people-search sites directly and request the removal of your data, even if you don’t subscribe to privacy protection services. The law obliges data brokers to remove your private information upon request. 

But figuring out how to submit an opt-out request on your own is challenging by itself as all data brokers offer different, often misleading removal procedures. That is why some online privacy companies provide DIY opt-out instructions to guide you through the process. What about OneRep and PrivacyDuck?

OneRep offers FREE self-removal instructions as a courtesy to all our visitors. Our instructions are very detailed and contain screenshots to help you navigate the opt-out process for 350+ people-search websites, including both major sites and lesser-known data brokers.

PrivacyDuck publishes limited opt-out instructions in both video and written format. However, their instructions only include 17 data broker sites, leaving you to figure out the rest on your own.

Let’s compare OneRep and PrivacyDuck’s opt-out instructions for a popular people-search site,

Sample of PrivacyDuck’s Free Opt-Out instruction

Sample of OneRep’s Free Opt-Out Instruction

Are PrivacyDuck’s strong points really an advantage?

Manual Removal

PrivacyDuck takes pride in the fact that they manually remove personal information from the web.

“Our tightly-united, expertly-trained crew of opt-out professionals manually scour each site and company for your provided / discovered information. Once it is identified, we initiate the appropriate proven opt-out process for the website from our secure office in Los Angeles, California. Depending on the data company, this is a manual mix of submitting online forms, sending emails, sending documentation packets via U.S. mail, and making phone calls.”

– PrivacyDuck 

Beautifully written but what does it really mean? Pure marketing. Manual removal can have errors due to the human factor and is both time-consuming and costly. Just imagine how long it takes to manually submit opt-out requests to each individual data broker site that exposes your info and then come back to each site to check if your information has been removed. 

Unlike PrivacyDuck, OneRep’s platform automatically identifies which data brokers have your private data (addresses, contact info, DOB, relatives, legal records, etc.) and removes everything for you. OneRep scans 191 websites every month to make sure all exposed information is found and deleted in a timely manner.

What does OneRep have that PrivacyDuck doesn’t?

Personal dashboard

A key element of a record removal process is the visualization of results. Unfortunately, PrivacyDuck doesn’t provide their users with an opportunity to keep an eye on the removal progress as they don’t have a customer dashboard.  

OneRep’s dashboard allows members to readily see the exact number of people-search websites exposing their information. Members can also check in on the removal process at any time and monitor exactly what’s been accomplished by OneRep’s automated tool.

Screenshot of OneRep’s personal dashboard

Automatic web monitoring

Did you know that sometimes your removed records can pop back up? Also, new records can appear where they didn’t exist before. It happens when new people-search sites spring up or old ones refresh their databases. This is why it is extremely important to keep monitoring the web for new and relisted records. 

To maintain your privacy level, OneRep has an automated monitoring process in place.  Every month our system scans 191 websites to detect and delete the listings found. Unlike OneRep, PrivacyDuck offers a manual service, which makes regular monitoring a highly unlikely procedure on their part.

Let’s sum it up

The table below summarizes the key  points to consider when selecting the privacy tool to suit your needs.

OneRep Individual
OneRep Family
Basic Privacy
VIP Privacy


Number of covered websites19119192191
Number of covered emailsunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Number of covered names1up to 622
Number of covered addressesunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
Number of covered AKA’s/aliasunlimitedunlimitedunlimitedunlimited
DIY opt-out instructions350+
Customer CarePhone, email, chat
Phone, email, chatPhone and emailPhone and email

Iryna Slabodchykava

Content Strategy Manager at OneRep | LinkedIn