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OneRep’s audience is growing every day, which inspired us to reach out to you, our new friends and customers, and tell you more about our company, our team, and our overall mission.

From the start, OneRep’s team of hardworking professionals set an ambitious goal for ourselves: to create an affordable online service that helps customers reclaim their right to privacy by removing sensitive information about yourself from virtually every people-search website listing your personal details without your consent. 

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Mary Scotorenko

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To achieve this goal, our team of talented developers created a proprietary removal tool that enables us to reduce the cost of our service, while removing your personal records from the databases of corporate giants in the data broker industry, including, Spokeo, Intelius, People Finders, and many others. Thanks to our hard work, OneRep can offer you the best price, and best quality service among all online privacy companies.

OneRep has been helping customers maintain their online privacy since 2015. We go the extra mile to make sure your address, phone number, email, date of birth, income, credit history, and other sensitive information remains private, off the net, and away from prying eyes.

Check if People-search sites expose your info

OneRep’s  algorithm scans 116 data broker sites
 for your profiles, then makes sure your private information is removed

OneRep headquarters

OneRep is a European based startup with development and support centers in Belarus. 

Belarus is known as the
Silicon Valley of Europe and the first global crypto hub, and OneRep is proud to be part of an innovative community that’s given rise to so many successful apps and services, including:

  • Viber (900 million users worldwide)
  • Maps.me (Top-5 travel apps on the App Store and Google Play)
  • MSQRD (Facebook partner, best IPhone app 2016)
  • Wargaming (Top world strategy games)
  • Flo (Best fertility app of the year)
  • Epam (#12 on Forbes’ List of 25 Fastest Growing Public Tech Companies)
Belarus Hi-Tech Park

One of the advantages of building an online business, is the freedom to work from anywhere in the world, 24/7. OneRep’s team of dedicated professionals continually strives improve our service, working anywhere and everywhere to deliver the best possible service for our customers – in the office, at home, travelling on the go – all we need is a good Internet connection, a strong cup of coffee… and a lot of refill

OneRep was born out of necessity

The United States is not only the world’s main supplier of information technology, but also the world’s largest consumer. Yet there are no affordable online privacy services in the US, and no laws in place requiring data brokers to maintain the privacy of consumer data.

Most reputable data brokers, a.k.a., people-search sites, offer customers the right to opt out of their databases, however, they don’t make it easy. It can be a real challenge for someone unfamiliar with the process to remove their personal records from virtually dozens of people-search websites, each with their own set of opt-out and removal procedures. And even if you’re able to decipher the steps required, lingering questions still remain. How long does it take for my information to be removed? A few days? A week? A few months? Data brokers have intentionally made the removal process confusing by design, with the hope that most consumers will simply give up; hence the need for online privacy companies like OneRep to advocate on your behalf. 

There are several online privacy companies out there, but most have unjustifiably high service fees that border on price gouging. Most companies are just out to make a quick buck, paying little attention to customer service, and spending too much on advertising and operating costs. And it’s you, the customer, who ends up paying for all that overhead, while the actual service you’re allegedly paying for falls by the wayside.

Thus far, nearly 1,300 Americans have already tried OneRep – and that number is growing every day.

OneRep takes pride in complying with all applicable legal requirements in providing adequate protection for personal data under US rules and regulations, and we’re completely transparent about how we operate; please read our privacy policy for complete details.


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Data collection is about cutting edge technology

OneRep bets on technology, and so do data brokers. Your personal records didn’t appear online by accident. It was the result of a hard working IT specialist, employed by a data broker, who wrote the code for an algorithm that automatically collects and posts your personal information online in order to turn a profit. But fret not, because OneRep plays by the same rules, and created an algorithm that can automatically remove your records from these data broker’s websites.


Dozens of OneRep specialists stand behind our automated removal system, and every day, we update our service and implement new features to make sure you get the best possible OneRep experience.

What payments do we accept and why should you trust us?

OneRep accepts payments via 2Checkout, a leading US based global payment platform. When you subscribe to one of OneRep’s monthly or annual plans, your payment goes through 2Checkout’s secure system and protects your payment from fraudulent activities.

But what if you have questions regarding payments? Perhaps you’d like details about renewing your subscription, our refund policy, or what to do if your payment was declined or your credit card expired. No problem. Just contact OneRep’s support team at support@onerep.com or via phone at (518) 444-0630.

You can also reach out to your bank or 2Checkout directly with any payment issues, questions or concerns.  

onerep works with 2checkout, global payment platform

Quality customer service with a personal touch

To ensure you have the best OneRep experience, we use a customer service platform called Zendesk, which is designed for companies that want to create customer relationships that are meaningful, personal, and productive. Zendesk helps us stay in touch with you by shrinking the miles between us to create a private, meaningful conversation between friends. 

Zendesk structures your requests and turns them into tickets, which are personally reviewed and solved by OneRep’s Support Team. And if you ever submit a request for a callback or an email response, rest assured that you’re guaranteed to get an answer. OneRep’s Support Team is always available via email, phone, and chat – our goal is to help real people find real solutions for all their privacy problems, not just solve Zendesk tickets. Below is just one of many positive reviews. You can find more reviews about OneRep here

14 400

the number of tickets OneRep solved in 2017

OneRep review

As an international business, we face some unique challenges, one of them being a difference in time zones. But this problem is easy to work around. OneRep works Monday to Friday, 9аm – 4pm, US central standard time. During this time, you can reach us via the domestic phone number listed on our main page (518) 444-0630. After hours, you can request a callback or send us a message via our online form and get a guaranteed answer within 24 hours.

Meet OneRep’s Team of Superheroes

Our support team specialists are multitaskers. Every day, they make hundreds of calls, develop OneRep educational articles, give free consultations, educate customers about privacy related issues, speak multiple languages, and literally save lives! (Just please don’t ask us to leap tall buildings in a single bound!)


We are at the very beginning of our journey. Much more work needs to be done. In the new year, we are going to widen our service to include more people-search websites, remove records faster, and continue to improve our automated removal tool. But one thing we know for sure, is we want to help turn the online world into a safer and a better place for everyone.

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OneRep offers its members continuous monitoring and automated removal of their private information.